The Coffee Break Show

A Show For Career Women

Have Coffee with Your Coach, Mentor & Friend  



Jocelyn has helped hundreds of  women get unstuck, advance careers and turn passions into businesses all over coffee.  Now she wants to meet you for a cup. Connecting over coffee breaks, professional women can engage with Jocelyn through brief coaching videos.  She’ll share quick tips, keeping it real advice and confidence boosting strategies from her “What’s In Your Sandwich? career book series and engaging interviews with guests and experts. This educational yet entertaining show is an inspirational approach for busy women to get the coaching, mentoring and support they need. Through a captivating personality, humor and personalized approach, Jocelyn will set you up for success. Whether you’re looking for your next job, need to boost your skills, or explore other passions, come unwind and let loose  with your coach, mentor and friend.

Watch The Coffee Break Show Episodes Below:

5 Tips to Take Your Networking to the Next Level:  Jocelyn shares 5 Tips to take your networking to a new level. Learn how to be strategic, the art of building connections and fitting networking into your everyday activities all in the time to drink your morning coffee.

Get Unstuck From Your Career Rut:  Jocelyn shares 3 steps to get you out of a career rut and moving forward. 

3 Networking Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make: Jocelyn  shares 3 common networking pitfalls that hamper finding your next job or business leads. Learn how to avoid these mistakes in the time it takes to drink your coffee.

Take Your Resume From Drab to Fab!:  Jocelyn shares 3 ways to Take Your Resume from Drab to Fab! Learn how to get your resume to show your qualifications and experience so that you stand out from the competition.

Top 5 Secrets to Getting More Out Of LinkedIn:  Jocelyn shares the top 5 secrets to get more out of LinkedIn. These tips will help you get more leads, exposure and results from the top professional social network. Get more tips at .

How to Finally Get That Job!:  Jocelyn shares quick tips for those who keep sending out resumes but can’t get a bite. In this two part series, learn what it takes to get your resume noticed and get closer to getting that job!

3 Ways to Get Your Opinions Heard :  Jocelyn  shares 3 ways to earn respect and get your voice heard in meetings, on your team and with your boss. 


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