“Jocelyn and her presentation was one of the highlights of the day, with our conference attendees rating her presentation at the highest score of “Excellent.”-Jennifer Flowers, President Detroit Chapter, Public Relations Society of America 

Jocelyn Giangrande – Career Expert, Author & Coach


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Jocelyn is a career expert, coach  and inspirational speaker who travels the country helping women build the confidence to unlock their potential.  

Speaking Topics:

  • What’s In Your Sandwich? 10 Surefire Ingredients for Career Success
  • How to Build a Killer Professional Brand
  • 7 Savvy Ingredients to Supercharge Your Confidence
  • The Body Language of Confidence
  • How to Network and Self-Promote Yourself to Success



Featured in Women’s Day Magazine, Black Enterprise  and author of  the “What’s In Your Sandwich; Career Strategy Book Series Jocelyn serves as the founder of SASHE, LLC, providing strategic career planning, development and coaching services to women looking to move forward.  With over 10 years of mentoring and coaching, Jocelyn has a reputation of helping professionals discover their talents; leverage their potential and empowering them to reach their goals. Through professional coaching, transformational workshops and motivational speaking, she has helped hundreds get their careers out of ruts and turn their passions into businesses. Click here for full Bio.

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Jocelyn’s presentations and workshops are interactive, engaging and designed to leave the audience empowered.  Participants will feel charged, informed and confident to move forward. 

“Jocelyn, you have no idea of just how much I walked away with. You are an amazing speaker, person and most of all an inspirational woman.”-Kim Carson, WHLT Radio

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Jocelyn Giangande








I would love to join you!

Just bring your friends and members together and I will be there.  Together we will have a wonderful time connecting, refreshing and learning from each other.

Contact me at jgiangrande@sashewomen.com, or by clicking here.  You may also fill out the contact form below to send me a message.

I look forward to seeing you.


Career Expert, Professional Coach, Successful Entrepreneur!

“Jocelyn, you have no idea of just how much I walked away with. You are an amazing speaker, person and most of all an inspirational woman.”-Kim Carson, WHLT Radio

Invite Jocelyn and make it memorable, entertaining, & inspirational! Let’s discuss how to workout something within your budget.  Nonprofit rates are available.  Just ask.  Click here for Jocelyn’s Bio

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