Top-Down Commitment

How Good CEOs Do Diversity and Great Ones Build Culture

Game-Changing Book for CEOs and Executive Teams!


“This book has long been needed, yet it couldn’t be more timely or relevant. Although written for CEOs, every high-performing team should read and follow it. Giangrande’s clarity of thought and pragmatic approach jump off the page as she guides us through the steps required to instill a DEI culture.” –DAVID GREENE, President Colby College 

“We build companies, brands, and teams, but it doesn’t matter if we don’t first build a culture that is rooted in DEI. Every builder needs an architect, and Jocelyn understands what it takes to build diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures.” -TONY COLES, Division President, iHeartMedia Black Information Network (BIN)

Jocelyn’s book is so important as a guide for CEOs to reflect and think about why and how they are focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion in their companies. It starts by looking inward—what are the values of the CEO and the executive team, what does leadership stand for, how do they behave on a daily basis, and how is DEI imbedded into everything the organization does.” –Nancy Schlichting, Ret. President, CEO Henry Ford Health System, 2022 Inductee, Healthcare Hall of Fame

Overall, Jocelyn’s approach to DEI is unique and successful because it’s collaborative and thoughtful. She is not prescriptive, offering quick fixes to complex challenges. She makes it clear you will have to put in the hard work, but she’s there with you every step of the way in this vital journey. Thankfully for us, Jocelyn poured her best tips into this book, providing a step-by-step guide to replicating this DEI success in your company.” -Mark Gray, CEO, Katz Media Group

Top-Down Commitment provides a common-sense direction and a clear process for driving an inclusive, respectful, and fair culture. The process outlined is a valuable tool for CEOs and all leaders who are willing to be humble, keep learning, and grow.” -MICHAEL GOAD, President, Dow Chemical Employee Credit Union 

“This book truly distinguishes itself from so many other DEI books because of its straight talk to CEOs and the practical and actionable guidance that it provides. Giangrande answers the question as to why so many well-intended diversity initiatives start strong, but never gain enough traction to deliver expected results.” -MONICA E. EMERSON, Former U.S. Department of the Navy, Diversity Officer, Retired Daimler Chrysler, Corporate Diversity Officer, Founder and Principal, Inclusive Performance Solutions

To be successful, a commitment to diversity and cultural awareness is essential to make sure employees from all represented groups are supported, productive, and committed to the organization. Top-Down Commitment helps you achieve a DEI culture.” BRAD COULTER, President & CEO, Matrix Human Services

“Top-Down Commitment is a practical and timely read and a valuable resource for CEOs and all leaders that want to be at the forefront of building a superior DEI culture. It provides a solid roadmap for developing a great DEI program with a lesson in each of the 10 chapters.” -MARY E. CORRADO, President & CEO, ASE

“Giangrande shares her talents, expertise, and experience with focus on strategy, process, and presence. She writes pragmatically with the “must dos” for corporate leaders and explores the “why” of diversity, equity, and inclusion.” -LAURITA THOMAS, President, American Research Universities, Human Resources Institute

Let Jocelyn be your guide on your personalized DEI journey. Follow her action steps for a realistic and positive approach. With Jocelyn’s direction you will develop, communicate, measure, and successfully implement your own customized DEI business strategy plan. I appreciated learning how to integrate and incorporate DEI into my every-day business practices. Start today, “Be a Great One” and make a difference in your business, your community, and our world. -JULIE A. MCFARLAND, President, McNaughton & Gunn