Your Coach, Mentor & Friend

JG_011_1Hello Friend,

Believe it or not, …I’m Just Like You. 


Navigating my career wasn’t easy.  Although I advanced to executive ranks, I learned things the hard way and made mistakes.  Often, I questioned my capabilities. Eventually, my career stalled and my confidence declined. Lacking mentors, I became frustrated and stuck.  Now, that’s the bad news. 


The good news is, eventually I learned valuable lessons that recharged my career and regained my confidence.  Many years were spent building my reputation and taking charge of my career.


Once I changed my strategy and incorporated tactics learned from confident leaders, my career soared.  Today, I share my lessons-learned with women around the country through my “What’s In Your Sandwich? career strategy books and company SASHE, LLC.

Don’t struggle alone.  Let’s do it together!

Your Coach Mentor & Friend,

Jocelyn Giangrande, M.A. SPHR, CCDP

P.S. Let’s stay connected.  Write me at or connect on LinkedIn.



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SASHE”:  Sisters Achieving Success Harmony and Empowerment, launched in 2008 and is a company focused on the professional advancement of women. Hundreds have built the confidence to unlock their potential through our workshops, boot camps and resources. Check us out at


I look forward to supporting your successful career or business by sharing knowledge, information and resources.  I believe knowledge is power.  When we share the knowledge, we all win!


C&;C 8-25-12Your Coach

When it comes to our careers, many of us struggle alone.  We often manage without proper networks, mentors or practical resources.   As your coach, my goal is to help you work smarter so you can get unstuck and move forward.

DSC_8295Your Speaker

If you want a memorable experience for your group, I would love to join you.  My presentations and workshops are interactive, engaging and designed to leave the audience empowered.  Participants will feel charged, informed and confident to move forward.

CIMG1183Your Friend

I’m lucky to meet friends everyday and connect to wonderful people.  Everywhere I go,  I find interesting women with great stories, passions and desires.   These connections keep me inspired and moving forward. Let’s stay connected.

Testimonials from professional women


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