Jocelyn delivered top notch diversity and inclusion workshops and was highly praised by the senior executives who attended her sessions. Equally important is the way she engages as a consultant. Jocelyn is a pleasure to work with and a genuine professional. I look forward to future partnerships! 

Amy Rivers Mulholland, Director, Learning & Development, Eastern Michigan University

Giangrande is a strategic diversity and inclusion leader who understands the difference between doing diversity and building a culture that embraces it. With a track record of over 25 years building award-winning inclusive cultures that attract, engage, develop and retain talent, this nationally known Cornell University certified diversity expert knows the right questions to ask and has the courage to challenge leaders.  As one of the top diversity and inclusion (D&I) experts in Michigan, Giangrande is known for her strategic approach to cultural transformations, shaping diversity visions and leading the strategic direction of D & I initiatives.

It’s Time to take Diversity & Inclusion to the Next Level….

Giangrande will help you take your D & I strategy to the next level. With a wholistic approach, her consultations, seminars and thought-provoking D & I Executive Strategy Retreats have been cited as “culturally transformational”.  Specializing in positioning D & I as a business strategy, her work gained national recognition by Diversity Inc., the Institute for Diversity, Crain’s Detroit Business, The Race Relations Task Force in Birmingham, MI and by Corp! Magazine.

Popular Diversity & Inclusion Workshops


Giangrande through her company SASHE, LLC, offers unique, engaging and thought-provoking training and services designed to help organizations build high-performing, inclusive leaders and respectful workplaces.  Below is a list of our current sensitivity and awareness training for groups, leaders and teams.  Please note that SASHE, LLC may provide additional customized trainings based on needs.

If You’re Human, You’re Biased:  How Our Biases Impact Our Decisions, Interactions and Perceptions

A Special Workshop by:  Jocelyn Giangrande, M.A., SPHR, CCDP, SHRM-SCP

Not your typical workshop! Biases are the result of a variety of messages introduced into our subconscious from an early age and if you’re human, you’re biased. Many of these biases are deep in our unconscious and often influence how we perceive others, determine dangerous situations and make quick judgements. Biases are not restricted to any one group, and all of us have them.

In this interactive workshop, participants engage in dialog, discussions and exercises around understanding the origin of biases and how they may impact human dynamics, perceptions and interactions. This is not a workshop to eliminate biases, as that is impossible.  Instead, we’ll explore how our biases protect us and how they may contribute to misconceptions about others and different situations.

Generational Diversity: Connecting, Communicating and Working with Different Generations

A Special Workshop by: Jocelyn Giangrande, M.A., SPHR, CCDP, SHRM-SCP

An interactive workshop designed for leaders, teams and professionals looking to leverage the unique benefits of having four/five generations in the workplace.  Participants will gain a holistic overview of each generation, through their history, values, and characteristics all while understanding how their diverse approaches, styles and preferences impact teams, communication and consumer behavior.

Cultural Intelligence and Cross-Cultural Communication For Today’s Leaders:  How to Build Rapport, Engagement and Collaboration Among Diverse Groups

A Special Workshop by:  Jocelyn Giangrande, M.A., SPHR, CCDP, SHRM-SCP

Today’s workplace requires leaders with exceptional cross-cultural communication and intelligence skills that are flexible, engaging, and sensitive for today’s diverse workforce. Professionals equipped to communicate effectively among various perspectives and styles; drive engagement while increasing collaboration and teamwork. Cultural Intelligence for Today’s Leaders is a fresh, practical and interactive workshop aimed to transform professionals into confident, flexible and sensitive communicators.

Diversity As Strategy: How to Develop, Present and Implement an Effective Diversity Strategy

A Special Workshop by:  Jocelyn Giangrande, M.A., SPHR, CCDP, SHRM-SCP

Many organizations find it challenging when it comes to implementing a sustainable diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy. This workshop is designed to take the mystery out of the process and help practitioners develop a systematic approach to diversity and inclusion that drives buy-in, sustainability and metrics for success.