How to Love “You” This Valentine’s Day!

"With Valentine's Day upon us and love in the air, few of us think of throwing some love to ourselves."-Jocelyn Filling up your bucket with positive thoughts goes a long way in building your confidence, energy and overall attitude.  Therefore, I challenge you to spend some time loving yourself today.  Below are some ways to … Continue reading How to Love “You” This Valentine’s Day!

What’s Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals? The One Thing You May Be Missing.

What if I told you that by doing just this one thing, you could increase your chances of keeping your resolution by 80%. Would you believe me? Well, it is true. Most of us fail to do the one thing that is critical to us reaching our goals. What is it you ask?

3 Strategies to Boost Your Game

When it comes to strategies, much of what you do to stay competitive depends on your goals.  However, there are three strategies every professional should do to keep a competitive edge.  -Jocelyn Giangrande Strategy #1: Promote Your Expertise The first step to boosting your game, is knowing how to self-promote your expertise.  Self-promotion is an … Continue reading 3 Strategies to Boost Your Game

2012 Confident Woman Conference-Oct. 27, 2012

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5 Ways to Boost Your Reputation

When it comes to jobs, businesses or relationships, rarely are decisions about you based on how good you are. Often, you’re selected based on what others think of you, your reputation. Many decisions are based on an individual's reputations. Therefore, keeping a gleaming reputation is important. Here are five ways you can give yours a boost.