By: JOCELYN GIANGRANDE, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCDP Diversity and Inclusion Expert & Consultant Companies have heard the cry and now they feel the need to do something about it. However, those who jump in too fast, may find themselves treating symptoms instead of potential root causes. - Jocelyn Giangrande On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, … Continue reading IT’S TIME TO REVISIT DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION

10 Reasons Your Diversity & Inclusion Efforts May Be Set To Fail

It’s easy to fall into “the flavor of the month” conundrum when launching a diversity & inclusion (D & I ) strategy, especially if the organization fails to build a foundation for sustained success. Every structure must have a foundation and D & I isn’t any different. Therefore, before launching, it's imperative to avoid common mistakes that may derail your efforts. Below are … Continue reading 10 Reasons Your Diversity & Inclusion Efforts May Be Set To Fail

How to Make Linkedin Work For You

When it comes to social networking, many women tell me that they don't have a clue if they are doing it right. And those who do use it, don't always feel that they are getting anything out of it. The truth is, social networking/media does work. In fact I received speaking engagements, clients and job leads all from Linked In. How? By following these simple steps.

Are You Stuck? 3 Ways to Get Your Career Moving Forward

It is possible to get unstuck and get your career back on track. Building relationships through connecting, keeping your accomplishments updated and staying current with your image will help you stand out. When you stand out, it makes you competitive and attractive. and believe it or not, that's the fuel to get your career moving forward again.

Why Your First Impression is Critical to Your Brand

Today, many professionals understand the importance of establishing a strong professional brand. However, few focus enough on one important factor, the first impression. What does this have to do with your professional brand? It means that your brand and image may be sealed in six seconds and before you even open your mouth.