Author and Coach Jocelyn Giangrande

after 25 years working with over 100 organizations. I learned that great companies have exceptional leadership and a culture of DEI.  I can help you achieve both.

You cannot get there without investing in your leaders

It takes exceptional leadership skills, awareness, and sensitivity to build cultures that attract and retain talent.  Therefore, you must select the right leaders, invest in their development, and hold them accountable to your values.  That is what I can help you do. 

Through my leadership development programs, workshops and coaching, I equip leaders with skills to be inclusive, flexible, and communicate effectively.

Build the right culture and they will come and stay

It also takes an environment where your talent feels embraced, valued, and respected to build an exceptional organization.  An environment that promotes inclusion where everyone has a voice, an opportunity to contribute and perform at their best is what sets you apart.  That takes a culture of DEI. 

Building a DEI culture is essential and taking a strategic and systemic approach is critical.  That is what I may also help you achieve.  Through my strategic consultations, inclusive leadership coaching and visioning, together we can build the culture you desire and need for today and tomorrow. 

This is my passion

It may sound cliché to say I found my passion; however, it is true.  I love what I do, and nothing is more satisfying than having a role in organizational success.  I believe in playing to your strengths, creating an environment where ideas are exchanged, and diverse perspectives are valued.  This is what sets the great apart from the rest. 

I hope to help you and your organization be all it can be.  And more!

Your DEI Guide and Friend,