3 Ways to Supercharge Your Job Search

hire meMore and more of you are looking for new opportunities.  Therefore, I’m often asked about ways to boost job search efforts.  Below are  3  Ways to Supercharge Your Job Search. 

1.  Determine the type of job you want.  It’s tempting to just want any job. However, narrowing down your search makes it easier to target your efforts.  Once you know the  job you really want, (by title, pay, environment, etc) you can plan an effective strategy.  It will help you determine who to network with, what skills you need and how to tweak your resume.  You also get more out of your energy when it’s targeted than when it’s spread all over.

Update your resume to highlight your selling points and successes.  This may require that you get professional assistance.  You must show what you accomplished in your work experience (results from the work you did).  What I mean by this is; what are your successes?  What successes did you have on the jobs you’ve held that relate to the job you want?  If you helped an organization make money or save money, increased productivity or customer service, or if you have improved quality or results then highlight it.  Add numbers if possible to quantify it.

Network and build connections.  70% of jobs come from people who know you.  Get out and meet people at social events.  Be sure not to go out shopping your resume around to everyone you meet.  This will turn off people.  Instead, genuinely get to know people without expecting anything out of it.  You’ll be surprised how casual relationships lead to jobs.  Be sure to use LinkedIn as well to build connections.

To get the most out of your efforts and to bring you closer to your dream job, work smarter by knowing what you want, selling your successes and build connections with others.


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