How to Own Your Next Interview

PreparingCompetition.aspx for an interview is a grueling process.  Often we’re nervous because we don’t  know what’s going to be asked and we know the interviewer holds the power.  This lack of control makes it a nerve-wracking process.

Instead of spinning your wheels, I offer another approach to interview preparation;  Own Your Interview

It’s common to give ownership to the interviewer.  Don’t get me wrong, the interviewer is the host and drives the pace and structure.  However, you can own your responses, and that’s a lot of power.

Preparing responses that demonstrate attributes and skills that’ll make you successful in the role, will strengthen your interview.  Therefore, own your next interview by trying the following:

1.  Think of What You Want To Tell:  In my experience, you can’t go wrong with selling your strengths and potential,  Therefore, instead of thinking what the interviewer will ask, think of what you want to tell them.  Chances are, you’ll be asked questions about your organizational, leadership and communication skills.  Therefore, prepare at least 5 potential responses that demonstrate those attributes/skills and the results. Be sure to consider problems the potential employer faces and how you solved the same or similar ones.

2.  Prepare Success Stories: Examples that demonstrate teamwork, collaboration,  creativity and conflict resolution are always winners.  Chances are, your interviewer will be interested in your experience in these areas.  Be prepared to describe a situation, what actions you took and the outcomes.

3.  Demonstrate That You’re a Fit:  Researching a company requires more than just  its statistics and facts.  It should also include understanding the environment, team and boss.  Research to learn about the interviewer as well. Responses that highlight your fit for the environment, type of work, team or boss will set you apart.

When it comes to preparing for your next interview, try taking ownership by telling them what you want them to know.  With a little tweaking, most responses will fit the questions asked.  With this approach, you gain power by taking out the guess work and you’re sure to promote your strengths and potential as well.

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