Are You Stuck? 3 Ways to Get Your Career Moving Forward

stuck2Everyday I get at least one email from a woman stating that she’s stuck in a rut.  In fact, its the frustration of being stuck that most professionals come to me.  Therefore, I wanted to share  3 simple tips I often give to get careers moving forward again.

connecting1.  Get out and connect.  Although most of us know the importance of networking, we seldom get out and connect.  Connecting with others not only helps you build relationships, it brings potential opportunities your way.  The world changes fast and you must stay current with your knowledge and relationships or you’ll soon fade away.  Stop putting off networking events or social outings.  Go to the company functions and conferences where you can meet and connect with others.  When you maintain relationships, it keeps you fresh and attractive.  Both of which help you to get unstuck.

update2.  Freshen up your profiles.  You’d be surprised how an updated profile will shed new light on your credentials.  Have you promoted all of your accomplishments, affiliations or experiences?  Also adding keywords for your industry will help you float to the top when recruiters search for new talent.  You should also use this practice in your company’s performance management system.  You’ll be surprised at how few people update their information in the human resources information systems.  Often, companies use this information for succession planning.

makeover bus3.  Update your look.  If you have not updated your look in the last 2 years, it’s time.  Those who stay current appear progressive and competitive.  It demonstrates that you’re not stuck and comfortable.  A new hair cut or freshened up wardrobe can do wonders for your image and brand.  Also, it demonstrates confidence and risk taking which makes you stand out from the rest.

It is possible to get unstuck and get your career back on track.  Building relationships through connecting, keeping your accomplishments updated and staying current with your image will help you stand out.  When you stand out, it makes you competitive and attractive.  And believe it or not, that’s the fuel to get your career moving forward again.

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