Why You Need a Gimmick?

standout2When I tell professionals that they need a gimmick, many think I’m crazy.  Often gimmicks are viewed as shallow and only useful to those in entertainment such as Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj.  However, I beg to differ.  If you want to compete in this tough job market, you must have a gimmick.

What’s a gimmick?  In marketing language, a gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries.-Wikipedia 

In this competitive market everyone needs to stand out to get access to opportunities, increase business contacts and to advance in careers.  Unless you’re unique, you’ll blend in with thousands of talented and qualified individuals.

Why You Need a Gimmick?  Like the definition above, a gimmick will allow you to stand out from the rest, differentiate you from your competitors and make you memorable.  If you don’t stand out and people don’t remember you you will become obsolete in the marketplace.

standout4How Does a Professional Gimmick Look?  Now when I say every woman needs a gimmick, I don’t mean that you should wear a suit made of meat like Lady Gaga or a Barbie Doll wig like Nikki Minaj. Instead, you need something unique and memorable about you that makes your customers know why you’re a better choice, why they should select you and a way to keep you front of mind.

A professional gimmick could be a signature color, the quality of your work or your creative ideas. It could also be your results or your personality.  A gimmick must be true to who you are and who you wish to be in the present and future.

How to Findseacrhing The Right Gimmick? Finding the right gimmick is essential to your success.  It must fit your market and customer expectations and desires.  It must also send the right message and provide a strong first impression.  Therefore, selecting the right one is critical.  You must determine your brand and select a gimmick that perpetuates that brand.

This marketplace is full of talented and qualified people all looking for the same opportunities and customers as you.  You must have a gimmick that makes you stand out and become memorable.  Don’t fade away in the crowd.  Learn to stand out from the rest with your own gimmick and see how that sets you up for success.

"This was the best conference I ever attended"women's "-Attendee

“This was the best conference I ever attended”women’s “-Attendee

Learn how to find your brand and gimmick at:  2013 Confident Woman Conference on October 26, 2013 at the MRCC Banquet and Convention Center, Warren, MI.

I will conduct a Powerful Professional Branding and Gimmick Boot CampClick here for more information.


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