How to Stand Out From the Crowd

To Compete, You Must Stand Out From the Crowd!
To Compete, You Must Stand Out From the Crowd!

The world is full of talented people with great experience.  Many of them are competing for the same jobs, clients and leads. Therefore, in this competitive market, one can’t be ordinary.  In order to compete, you must stand out and shine.

I often tell my clients, unless you differentiate yourself from the competition, you will go unnoticed.  Clients, employers and potential leads need to know what makes you a better choice.  The following are a few ideas to help you set yourself apart:

  1. Be unique and memorable. Everyone needs a gimmick.  Whether it’s your signature color, fashion or hairstyle, you should look for something that makes you unique.  Sometimes it can be your personality, a statement piece of jewelry or  interesting shoes.  I’m known as “the lady in red” because I’ve branded myself as being confident and I wear my signature red when I speak in public.  The point is to find your uniqueness.
  2. Have fresh ideas, solutions and input. Everyone loves to find those whom always come with innovation solutions to challenging problems.  Be the one who often comes to the table with something new.  Many companies are looking for innovative talent.  If you have great ideas, find creative ways to share them.
  3. Stay current and progressive.  Everyone notices those whom look and act progressive.  Updating your look can go a long way in helping you stand out.  People are attracted to those who look like they are going places.  Therefore, stay up on the trends in technology, fashion and industry knowledge.  Most professionals get comfortable and settle in on a look and ways of doing business.  Stand out by staying up-to-date.

Don’t let your talent go unnoticed and fade into the crowd.  Stand out by being unique, having fresh ideas and staying current.  That will get you noticed and enhance your competitive advantage.

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