How Beyonce’ “Claimed It” at the Super Bowl

It was no secret that Beyonce’ may have felt pressure to prove herself after the inauguration  lip-syncing incident.

Although my impression of her never changed (she’s awesome in my book), I still felt that she had something to prove.  However, when she walked on the stage, I knew she had it down.

The first thing I noticed about her performance was her determination when she started out.  Her eyes, posture and facial expression told me, she had “claimed” a perfect performance and it all boiled down to CONFIDENCE.

Often when my friends and I encourage each other, we say; “Claim it Girl”.  This is usually done to give confidence or positive support to help her reach her goals.  We know that in order to reach your goals, you have to have confidence and belief in oneself.  Our encouragement is to help build that confidence.

Telling our friends to “Claim it” is a powerful command.  To “Claim it” or to “Own it” means that you have confidence that you can, and will do it.  That’s what Beyonce’ had on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s this type of confidence that’s critical to success.

The confidence Beyonce’ portrayed was most likely driven by her mindset.  “Claiming it” takes a confident mind that tells itself; “I can do it”.  You throw caution to the wind and claim victory.  If you’re a winner in your mind, you can be a winner on the ground.

When Beyonce’ came on stage, I said; “Claim it Girl!”   However, the confidence seen in her eye contact, posture and energy, told me she already had it in the bag.

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