How to Love “You” This Valentine’s Day!

Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day!

“With Valentine’s Day upon us and love in the air, few of us think of throwing some love to ourselves.”-Jocelyn

Filling up your bucket with positive thoughts goes a long way in building your confidence, energy and overall attitude.  Therefore, I challenge you to spend some time loving yourself today.  Below are some ways to help you do just that.

  1. Start and End Each Day on a Positive Note.  I start my day with my Confident Woman Choice Pledge This gives me positive energy and power to start my day.  It also armors me to protect myself from arrows and daggers that get thrown at us.  At night, I end my day with a Reflection that highlights the great things I accomplished and anything I want to do differently.
  2. Make a Brag List.  Who said it’s wrong to brag?  I believe every woman should brag to herself about how great she is at least once per year.  On my birthday, I do a Brag List in which I write down everything I’m grateful for, my accomplishments and anything that I’ve learned.  This keeps me fueled to move forward and tuned into my progress whether large or small.
  3. Change Your Thinking.  As cliche’ as it sounds, you are what you think.  Therefore, be careful what you let float around your head.  Many of us fill our thoughts with negativity and resentment especially when it comes to ourselves.  Make an effort to think positively. Focus on what’s right about you and flaunt it.  I stay positive by doing my Confident Mindset Exercise.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday.  It reminds us to spread love to those who make our lives special.  It’s also a great time to acknowledge how wonderful we are and to celebrate it.  So, during this loving time, let’s not forget to show ourselves some love too!

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