Are You Confident Enough?

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Are You Confident Enough?

Most of you if asked, would say you’re confident.  To some extent, that would be true.  However, my question to you is …are you confident enough?

Before we answer that question, let’s start by defining confidence.  Boiled down, confidence is a belief that your outcomes will be positive.  You truly believe that you can do it.  Therefore, if you’re a confident person, you believe in you.

Do you believe in you enough to achieve your goals?  Think about that for a moment.  Many of us believe we’re confident because we’re smart, experienced and good workers.  However, few of us really believe in ourselves enough to achieve our goals.  Self-doubt, negative thoughts and stress chip away at our confidence everyday.

If you’re not making progress towards what you want in life, your confidence may be the problem.  So ask yourself… are you confident enough?

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