How to Love the Job, You Hate!

Looking at your current situation differently can help you love your job even when you hate it.

Once a client of mine was in a tough situation.  She was frustrated because her team had failed to embrace her and she felt like an outsider.  When she started to withdraw from them as well, her boss blamed her for not being a team player.

She was also frustrated because her full potential wasn’t being utilized and her boss started leaving her off important projects. After missing out on developmental opportunities, it didn’t take her long to decide that it was time to leave.  She desperately wanted off the team and her negative feelings were starting to show.

Knowing that her reputation was important and she didn’t want to blow it, she came to me for advice.  My advice, after helping to assess the pros and cons of her situation, was to plan a perfect exit strategy.

The Exit Strategy Goal: Exit with an abundance of transitional skills, information, and knowledge.

If you are miserable or looking for something new, part of your exit strategy should be to gain as much as you can from your current position before moving on.

Learn to love the job you have until you find something better.

The  following 5 steps could help you plan for your next move:  (before implementing these steps,  be sure to assess the pros and cons of  your situation.  If there are more pros than cons, you may want to stick it out and change your perspective).

5 Steps to Implement Before You Leave Your Current Job

Step 1. Determine where you want to go next. Every strategy starts with a goal.
Step 2. Outline what skills, experience, knowledge, networks, materials, etc. you will need to be competitive for the next position.
Step 3. Identify what skills etc., you may be able to obtain from your current position and map out a plan to get them before you depart.  If you plan on starting a business, try to determine what skills you will need to launch that passion and see if you could get them from your current job. Don’t forget about about the relationships and mentors that may help you prepare as well.
Step 4. Plan how to maintain or repair your relationship with your current boss.  Your boss is critical for a future reference, your reputation and credibility.
Step 5. Start a portfolio, making copies of your accomplishments, reports, products, photos, articles, etc.

I find that when women implement a planned strategy, they feel confident and empowered.  Knowing they are gaining from their current experience brings a new positive perspective on their situation; making it easier to stick it out.

Clients whom have tried this approach often find that they have taken for granted the positive things their current position offers.  Benefits such as a steady paycheck, flexibility, health benefits, resources, access to information, exposure to networks, etc.  are often underutilized.  Most were planning on leaving their employer without taking advantage of these benefits.

Learning to love the job you have until you move on, could help to make an unbearable situation, bearable.  If you are leaving anyway, you may as well make the most of it.  Who knows, you may find out that your situation is better than you thought.

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