How Do You Do “It”?

Jocelyn Giangrande
How Are You Doing "It"?

When was the last time you took a moment to acknowledge all that you do?  If it has been awhile, I bet you feel drained, unappreciated or overwhelmed.

So many of us are doing “it” everyday.  Whether your “it” is balancing work/life, single-parenting, going to school, taking care of parents or going through tough times, we are all doing “it”.

Most of us don’t give ourselves credit for getting “it” done.  So what is your “it” and how are “you doing it?”  I am interested in hearing how you get your “it” done.

How I Get My “It” Done

Right now, my “it” is holding down a full-time job while pursuing my passion of helping women advance their careers or business.  Many people ask how I do “it”.  Here’s how …

1.  Set realistic expectations. There are only so many hours in a day, so prioritizing my work is critical.  I always get my full-time job done first.  Then, I work on my passion when I can.

2.  Schedule time for things that refuel me.  Spending time with my family and having “me” time is rejuvenating.  Therefore, I carve out designated time and work around it.  This keeps me happy, healthy and fresh.

3.  Have fun. I allow myself to have fun.  I decided not to stress about anything.  If things don’t go as planned, I use it as a learning opportunity.  I just keep plugging along, doing my best at what I enjoy.

I know you are getting it done too.

So, how do you do “it”?

  • Are you balancing work/life?
  • Are you running a household, a business or a department?
  • Are you going to school  or looking for new opportunities?
  • Are you caring for parents?
  • Are you going through tough times?


Take a minute to write out how you get “it” done in the comments below.  Not only will you feel appreciated, you will be amazed at what you do to get “it” all done.

This is an exercise I do frequently.  It helps me acknowledge how much I am doing instead of dwelling on what I am not.  Once I see my list of accomplishments, I feel proud.

Try it by writing how you get “it” done in the comments.  The added bonus:  you may help other women do the same!

Let’s take time to pat ourselves on the back for getting “it” done.  It has been too long.  Be proud and share with the world how you do “it” !

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