3 Confidence Myths You Should Know

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There are all kinds of myths about confidence floating around.  Below are 3 myths I thought you may find interesting.

Myth #1.  Confident People Are Born. The other day I watched a public TV interview with CEO, Bob Fish of Biggby Coffee.  Mr. Fish, (AKA Biggby Bob) has a refreshing philosophy on what it takes to make it in business, especially when it comes to confidence.

Although Biggby Bob said many things, there was one comment that stuck with me. He stated that “confidence is a choice”.

When one chooses to be confident, they are choosing to have faith that they will be successful.  Therefore, people are not born confident, they choose to be.  Biggby Bob holds faith, confidence and courage  as part of his 7 Core Values to business success.

Myth #2. Confident people are perfect. Not all confident people are perfect.  And, perfect people are not always confident.  Being confident has nothing to do with being perfect.  It is more about an attitude that you are good enough to do it.  Confident people are comfortable in their own skin and take on the world with a positive attitude.

Myth #3.  Confidence can’t be learned.  I agree with Biggby Bob.  One chooses to be confident by taking action.  Your confidence grows as you continue to exercise confidence building boosters such as practice, patience and perseverance.  In fact, practice is the best confidence booster.  If you wish to build your confidence, keep practicing the task until you get it right.

I hope these confidence myth-busters will help you look at confidence from a different perspective.  You can learn to be confident.  You just have to choose to be.

Question: Do you have faith that you will be successful?  Share your story and let me know how you choose to be confident.

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    I wanted to add to the subject of “Confidence” that you have to feel good about yourself and who you are, knowing your strengths and talents. Confidence, then comes naturally.

    Thanks for sharing !


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