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3 Body Language Secrets of Successful People



If you’r not sure, ask yourself this;

“When I walk into a room, do I…”

  • Earn respect?
  • Leave a confident impression?
  • Demonstrate power?
  • Connect with others?

If the answer is “no” to any of these, consider powering up your body language.

Within six seconds, your nonverbal cues can make or break hiring decisions, business deals and your credibility. Successful people know confidence is key to success and it all starts with looking confident.  

Believe it or not, your body language is communicating louder than your words and if you’re sending the wrong message, it can be a deal breaker.  Many successful people use body language tactics like the following to boost their image:

  1. Confident Posture
  2. Power Moves
  3. Gestures and Expressions

Learn the secrets of confident body language and power up your image for a great impression.  It may be the perfect way to close the deal!

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Your Coach Mentor and Friend,

Jocelyn Giangrande, MA, SPHR, CCDP, SHRM-SCP, is a career expert, coach and author of the “Whats In Your Sandwich? career strategy books.  Through her transformational workshops, books and coaching, she’s helped hundreds of professionals get out of career ruts, transition to new fields and turn passions into businesses.

How to Make Linkedin Work For You

When it comes to social networking, many women tell me that they don’t have a clue if they are doing it right.  And those who do use it, don’t always feel that they are getting anything out of it.

The truth is, social networking/media does work.  In fact I received speaking engagements, clients and job leads all from Linked In.  How?  By following these simple steps.

Step1:   Make an eye-catching profile.  Believe it or not, your profile is the most important real estate on Linked In.  It is (or should be) your mini commercial.  Make sure it outlines in a succinct way, what you do, who you do it for and what results you achieved.  You should also keep in mind that your public profile (if you select “full view”) will show up on Google searches.  Therefore, you want it to encourage others to seek further information about you and wish to connect.

Step 2:  Use keywords throughout your profile. Be sure to use relevant keywords for your industry or profession.  Many recruiters and professionals conduct keyword searches.  You want to make sure that they find you.  A great way to find keywords is to look at the profiles of others whom do the same work as you.  Check out job postings by recruiters on Linked In and see what terminology they use.

Step 3.  Update often. Be sure to update your status often with relevant information.  A great way to drive business is to include updates on things you’re working on, when you obtain new accounts or recent successes.  Whenever a client of mine is successful in obtaining a job, due to us working together, I include that in my updates.

Step 4: Don’t be bashful about including your past. The mistake I see often is when new users put only their current company in their profile. By doing so, they  limit their ability to connect with people. Be sure to include past companies, education, affiliations, and activities.  You will be surprised how much your connections will grow by doing so.

Step 5:  Join groups and participate in discussions. It is worth it to join groups as long as they are relevant, professional and about helping the members.  I have joined groups in the past where the members were all trying to sell to each other.  I hate that.  Instead find groups where the members are about supporting each other.  Then get engaged by sharing your expertise.  I love helping others solve problems.  By doing so, it led to an opportunity to co-author a book!

Big Tip:  Be sure to post your photo!  There is nothing worse than receiving an invitation to connect by a faceless person.

If you want to obtain the true benefits of Linked In, you must socialize and get involved .  Think of it this way, if you went to a networking event and didn’t talk to anyone, would you be surprised when you didn’t gain any new contacts?  The same is true with social networking.

Most of us post our information and wait.  If only it were that easy.  Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t take away the “work” out of networking.  However, it does do its job in helping you connect to the world if you so desire.

Connect With Me!

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3 Reasons to Get Unstuck Today!

stuck in rutMany of us find ourselves stuck in career or business ruts without a road map to get out.  Therefore, we stay in unfulfilling jobs or allow our dreams and passions to fizzle.  Don’t lose hope! It’s time to get unstuck and today’s the perfect time.  Below are three reasons why the time is now!

1.  The Timing is Great!  Believe or not, this is the right time to get out of your rut.  The economy is picking up and the job market is brighter.  Therefore, it’s a great time to find your next opportunity or launch a business.  Companies are looking for talent and services to stay competitive.  So, today is the time to get back in the game, or you could miss out.

2.  You Could be Stuck Forever.  I’m sure you’ve heard the theory: “A body in motion, stays in motion”?  Well, the reverse is also true.  The longer you’re stuck, the harder it becomes to get unstuck.  Why?  There are a variety of reasons why, however the most common reasons are when you stay stuck, you get stale, your skills become outdated and you lose your confidence to move forward.  Therefore, stop waiting and get moving.

3.  You Can Do It!  If you have self-doubt about getting out of your rut or that your dream or passion can’t come true, then you’ll stay stuck forever.  However, the good news is if you believe and have access to the right tools and information, you can do it!  Thousands of women like you launch businesses and find their dream jobs everyday.  Therefore, you must believe and gain the confidence to make it happen. 

It’s time to get unstuck!  Don’t become another statistic of women who let opportunities and dreams pass them by.  Take advantage of the great timing and believe in yourself.  If you don’t, you could be stuck forever!

Need help getting unstuck?  Join me and over 100 women whom are ready to move forward at the 2014 Confident Woman Conference.  We’ll work together to help you get  out of your rut, transition to a new career or turn your passion into a business.  Don’t wait any longer.  Get Unstuck Today!  Click links below to Learn More

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3 Ways to Supercharge Your Job Search

hire meMore and more of you are looking for new opportunities.  Therefore, I’m often asked about ways to boost job search efforts.  Below are  3  Ways to Supercharge Your Job Search. 

1.  Determine the type of job you want.  It’s tempting to just want any job. However, narrowing down your search makes it easier to target your efforts.  Once you know the  job you really want, (by title, pay, environment, etc) you can plan an effective strategy.  It will help you determine who to network with, what skills you need and how to tweak your resume.  You also get more out of your energy when it’s targeted than when it’s spread all over.

Update your resume to highlight your selling points and successes.  This may require that you get professional assistance.  You must show what you accomplished in your work experience (results from the work you did).  What I mean by this is; what are your successes?  What successes did you have on the jobs you’ve held that relate to the job you want?  If you helped an organization make money or save money, increased productivity or customer service, or if you have improved quality or results then highlight it.  Add numbers if possible to quantify it.

Network and build connections.  70% of jobs come from people who know you.  Get out and meet people at social events.  Be sure not to go out shopping your resume around to everyone you meet.  This will turn off people.  Instead, genuinely get to know people without expecting anything out of it.  You’ll be surprised how casual relationships lead to jobs.  Be sure to use LinkedIn as well to build connections.

To get the most out of your efforts and to bring you closer to your dream job, work smarter by knowing what you want, selling your successes and build connections with others.

How to Own Your Next Interview

PreparingCompetition.aspx for an interview is a grueling process.  Often we’re nervous because we don’t  know what’s going to be asked and we know the interviewer holds the power.  This lack of control makes it a nerve-wracking process.

Instead of spinning your wheels, I offer another approach to interview preparation;  Own Your Interview

It’s common to give ownership to the interviewer.  Don’t get me wrong, the interviewer is the host and drives the pace and structure.  However, you can own your responses, and that’s a lot of power.

Preparing responses that demonstrate attributes and skills that’ll make you successful in the role, will strengthen your interview.  Therefore, own your next interview by trying the following:

1.  Think of What You Want To Tell:  In my experience, you can’t go wrong with selling your strengths and potential,  Therefore, instead of thinking what the interviewer will ask, think of what you want to tell them.  Chances are, you’ll be asked questions about your organizational, leadership and communication skills.  Therefore, prepare at least 5 potential responses that demonstrate those attributes/skills and the results. Be sure to consider problems the potential employer faces and how you solved the same or similar ones.

2.  Prepare Success Stories: Examples that demonstrate teamwork, collaboration,  creativity and conflict resolution are always winners.  Chances are, your interviewer will be interested in your experience in these areas.  Be prepared to describe a situation, what actions you took and the outcomes.

3.  Demonstrate That You’re a Fit:  Researching a company requires more than just  its statistics and facts.  It should also include understanding the environment, team and boss.  Research to learn about the interviewer as well. Responses that highlight your fit for the environment, type of work, team or boss will set you apart.

When it comes to preparing for your next interview, try taking ownership by telling them what you want them to know.  With a little tweaking, most responses will fit the questions asked.  With this approach, you gain power by taking out the guess work and you’re sure to promote your strengths and potential as well.

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